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Ice and snow car racing championship held in Inner Mongolia, China

BEIJING, Jan 17 (APP): As a key event of the “Thousand Cars and Ten Thousand People Crossing Inner Mongolia”, the Ice and Snow Jianghu Car King Competition in Inner Mongolia, China attracted more than 100 national champion racers from more than 20 provinces and cities across the country.
Over a thousand off-road and self-driving vehicles also gathered in Dali Lake and competed passionately on the Yulong Ice and Snow Track, interpreting the unique charm of ice and snow sports.
The championship held last week was divided into two groups: the modification group and the mass production group. It had set a relatively high prize money for domestic folk sports events and formed a large publicity team. It is currently the highest standard, largest scale, and highest prize money ice and snow car sports event in China.
Finally, Qiao Xu from the Koman (China) team won the championship in the professional modification group.
The Dragon Year Special Jade Dragon Ice and Snow Track has a total length of four kilometers. This is currently the longest and most curved professional ice and snow track in China. It not only allows professional racers to fully demonstrate their superb ice and snow driving skills, but also allows many ice and snow self-driving enthusiasts to participate in the race and experience the infinite joy of ice and snow driving while watching.
At the same time, there were also Inner Mongolia specialty foods such as iron pot stewed fish, iron pot stewed beef, and iron pot stewed lamb at the competition venue.
There was also a long table banquet of ice and snow hot pot that could accommodate thousands of people, allowing tourists from all over the country to feast on the ice and snow, fall in love with the taste of Inner Mongolia, and let all tourists harvest unforgettable memories of ice and snow self-driving.
They transform into Inner Mongolia ice and snow tourism promoters, thus contributing an undeniable internet power to the development of winter ice and snow tourism in Inner Mongolia.


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