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china pak

BEIJING, April 13 (APP): Muslims across China began to observe the holy month of Ramazan on Tuesday like many places around the world.

Pakistan Ambassador to China, Moin ul Haque sends his warmest wishes to Pakistani Community and Muslims across China on the advent of the fasting month.

“I’m pleased to send my greetings and best wishes on behalf of the Pakistani Embassy to all Muslims and particularly Pakistani community based in China; Ramazan is an amazing and important time of the year,” he said in his message.

Pakistan community living in the Chinese capital and other cities comprise officials, businessmen, traders, teachers and students greeted each other on beginning of the holy month.

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To facilitate the faithful, the Ramazan calendar and timetable are available on the different websites for the Sehr and Iftar timings for different cities across China.

A large number of local Muslims, expatriates and students from Muslims countries including Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Djibouti and Sudan were witnessed to purchase Halal meat, dates and other foodstuff for preparations of Sehri and Iftari.

China is home to about 20 million Muslims from more than 10 ethnic minorities. The largest group is the Hui minority, which largely hails from Northwest China’s Ningxia Hui and Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous regions.