From world leaders, politicians to diplomats: All kudos to Pakistan for successful OIC moot

From world leaders, politicians to diplomats: All kudos to Pakistan for successful OIC moot

ISLAMABAD, Dec 20 (APP): The successful hosting of the 17th Extraordinary Session of the OIC’s Council of Foreign Ministers on Afghanistan Sunday drew worldwide applause for Pakistan for making the global community awake to the deteriorating humanitarian and economic situation in the war-torn country.

Convened by Saudi Arabia as OIC chair and hosted by Pakistan with 20 foreign ministers, 10 deputy FMs and 437 delegates in attendance, the session decided to establish a Humanitarian Trust Fund under Islamic Development Bank and launch discussions with UN agencies for actions to unlock financial and banking channels for flow of liquidity and assistance.

The world leaders, government functionaries, diplomats and analysts termed the meeting of the 57-member Muslim states’ body, as a milestone achievement for Pakistan which also manifested its commitment for a stable Afghanistan besides recognition of its stance.

From world leaders, politicians to diplomats: All kudos to Pakistan for successful OIC moot

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, in a post-session statement, said the establishment of a Trust Fund and adoption of a resolution for the Afghan banking system’s revival were great successes achieved by the summit.

The foreign minister, who also chaired the extraordinary meeting, said it was not a matter of the Taliban but 38 million people of Afghanistan who were faced with hunger.

He also thanked all relevant institutions and individuals for putting in their efforts to hold the moot including the Foreign Office staffers, National Assembly Speaker, Senate, armed forces, and local and international media for their reporting on the extraordinary session

Prime Minister’s National Security Advisor Dr Moeed Yusuf called the session “successful” focusing attention on the need for immediate humanitarian and economic assistance for Afghanistan.

“It has demonstrated Pakistan’s continued commitment to the well-being of our Afghan brothers and sisters.”

He also thanked the delegates from all Muslim countries, partner states and international institutions in making the summit a success and congratulated FM Qureshi, and his team for making it a success.

European Union Ambassador in Pakistan Androulla Kaminara wrote on Twitter, “Congrats to Pakistan for successful OIC session. The EU has provided €300 M humanitarian aid for Afghanistan. Thanks to member states, total aid from EU more than 70% of total aid.”

Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari also called the extraordinary session a “major diplomatic success” for Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Afghan policy with the creation of the Humanitarian Trust Fund and Food Security Program.

“Equally important was the OIC CFMs call for US to unfreeze Kabul’s financial resources. All these have been central to Pakistan’s Afghan policy,” she tweeted.

U.S. Special Representative Thomas West also called it a “productive OIC session with important outcomes” – not least the creation of a humanitarian trust fund and the naming of an OIC Special Envoy.

“The U.S. warmly welcomes the OIC’s role and contributions,” Thomas West said.

Malaysian Foreign Minister Dato Sri Saifuddin Abdullah, who attended the session and also met Prime Minister Imran Khan here, later took to Twitter commending Pakistan’s leadership in hosting the meeting to address the crisis in Afghanistan.

Ex-diplomat Jalil Abbas Jilani, who served as Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US, congratulated the foreign minister and his team for their tireless efforts in organising a “successful” CFM session on Afghanistan.

“The OIC meeting will go a long way in alleviating the sufferings of our Afghan brothers and sisters,” he commented.

The United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator tweeted, “Honoured to address the OIC Extraordinary Ministerial on the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan hosted by Prime Minister Imran Khan and Saudi Arabia.”

He said the people of Afghanistan were in a free fall. We cannot fail to do what we know is right, and what we know is possible, he added.

UK High Commissioner in Islamabad Christian Turner said, “Honoured to represent UK at the 17th Extraordinary Session of the OIC Council of Foreign Ministers, alongside observers from China, Russia and the US. Important discussions on Afghanistan and the humanitarian situation.”

“Congrats Pakistan for hosting an extraordinary session of OIC on Afghanistan in an extraordinary manner. Kudos to all who made this feat possible, especially Foreign Office,” said ex-diplomat Abdul Basit.

Global and Public Policy Analyst Mosharraf Zaidi calling the OIC session “a huge for Pakistan” with OIC Trust Fund as key outcome. He said Pakistan has now hosted multiple multilateral fora to support the Afghan people, including The Troika Plus, The Six Neighbours and the OIC 17th Extraordinary Session.

“Less than five years ago, it was impossible to host a cricket match in Pakistan. The fact that an OIC meeting is being held is a major milestone… If it is able to convene this kind of a gathering in the midst of an economic and political crisis… imagine what it could do for its 220 million in better circumstances,” Zaidi remarked.

“Pakistan was out of the world scenario with no foreign minister from 2013-2017. And in just three years of PTI’s time, it’s hosting OIC after 41 years – gaining much more than it had lost! FM Qureshi has been outstanding. And PM ImranKhan emerged as a World Leader,” Waleed Raza wrote on Twitter

Former diplomat Zafar Hilaly said, “No OIC member who spoke today even hinted the US should not hold the Taliban government to ransom regarding woman’s rights, etc (because if women starved who would remain to exercise that right) except our PM (Imran Khan), who appealed to the US, by name, to do so. Well done Imran Khan.”

APP Digital Report by Ishtiaq Ahmed