Free Trade Zone Achievements, Future Development Forum held in Beijing

Free Trade Zone Achievements, Future Development Forum held in Beijing

BEIJING, Apr 24 (APP): The “Free Trade Zone Ten-Year Achievements and Future Development Forum” hosted by the Free Trade Zone and Port Professional Committee of China International Trade Association was successfully held in Beijing.

TK Law, founder and CEO of TKing Technology Co., Ltd. delivered a speech at a sub-forum to explore the development potential of “Trade + Metaverse”.

TKing Technology focuses on artificial intelligence algorithms and virtual research.

After years of deep cultivation, it has made significant technological breakthroughs and completed commercialization in the fields of ultra-realistic digital human generation algorithms, object 3D reconstruction, and 3D real-time virtual fitting.

After being appointed as a metaverse backbone node construction and operation entity for the “Spark·Chain Network” by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China, the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology King Technology using Blockchain-based Identifier (BID)and rights confirmation system and combined with industrial digital technology, created a new metaverse retail platform “Tking Meta”.

Tking Meta integrates fashion, culture, community, NFT and entertainment, empowering the digitalization of countries and entities, building a Web3.0 metaverse ecosystem.

Along with the deployment of overseas super nodes of the “Spark·Chain Network”, Tking Technology will provide diversified and convenient industrial technology information services and technology empowerment for countries along ” the Belt and Road” and overseas leading enterprises and industry alliance bases.

TKing Technology will help to realize industrial digitalization, intelligence and green transformation and create a global “Metaverse Silk Road,” exploring the unlimited possibilities of “Trade & Metaverse” via building a blockchain digital foundation.

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