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Foreign journalists visit Weihai, China’s Shandong Province

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BEIJING, June 20 (APP): Journalists from Russia, South Korea, Pakistan, Hungary and Azerbaijan gathered in Weihai, East China’s Shandong province to capture the charm of exquisite city through pens and lenses.

During the three-day event under the theme China, an Opportunity, international journalists immersed themselves in the rich folk customs and exquisite scenery of Weihai.

They first visited Weili Tools Group Co., Ltd., where over 50 years ago, it started as a small workshop with only 13 blacksmiths and three tiled houses. Today, with over 7,000 product varieties exported to more than 100 countries, it has a domestic and international market share of over 60% for high-end products.

This inspiring story of Weili Tools company impressed the media group. Then, at Yunxiang Embroidery Workshop, the media delegation was deeply fascinated by the extraordinary Lu embroidery craftsmanship, which is intricately elegant, and exquisite.

Strolling around the Gumo morning fair, international journalists heard vendors calling out and were surrounded by the fragrance of food stalls. Here, they experienced firsthand the local customs and practices of Weihai.

At the factory of Dishang Group, designers showcased the digitalized 3D clothing design, sewing, and sample making through a computer, attracting them to gather and observe eagerly. A piece of lawn, a group of friends, and a round frisbee combined represent the current trendy outdoor activity.

At Muyexinghe Frisbee Camp Site, the media delegation relaxed in the countryside, breathed the fresh air, and enjoyed the charm of nature, exploring the joy between the city and nature.

The event provides international media journalists with a perfect opportunity to deeply appreciate the city’s rich cultural heritage and unique natural landscapes. This trip from June 17 to 19 was not only a visual feast but also a spiritual relax for them. And many of them look forward to returning to Weihai in the future to discover more charms of this city.

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