Chinese, Pakistani companies to jointly set up cancer precision medical laboratory

Chinese, Pakistani companies to jointly set up cancer precision medical laboratory
Chinese, Pakistani companies to jointly set up cancer precision medical laboratory

BEIJING, Sep 22 (APP): Chinese and Pakistani companies have signed a strategic agreement for establishment of a Cancer Precision Medical Laboratory.

According to the agreement, Beijing Anlong Gene Medicine Technology Co., Ltd. and Life Rehealth Technology Pakistan Co., Ltd., will jointly establish a cancer precision medical laboratory.

Under the framework, the two companies will jointly carry out exploration and research on cancer medical treatment, and the Chinese company will also share its existing medical technologies with Pakistan.

Dr. Ahmed Waqas, CEO of Pakistan Life Rehealth Technology Co., Ltd. has been active in China-Pakistan medical cooperation for a long time.

In an exclusive interview, he told Economic Daily-China Economic Net that the incidence of cancer in Pakistan is very high, especially lung cancer and liver cancer.

However, due to Pakistan’s current medical standards and sanitary conditions, patients cannot be well treated. Therefore, China-Pakistan cooperation in this field is very necessary and will bring great benefits to Pakistan.

When asked why he chose to cooperate with China, Dr. Waqas said that the medical field is very important and requires deep friendship and trust between the two sides. “China and Pakistan have always been known as ‘brothers’, and the Pakistani people trust China.

Therefore, in medical care, the first thing we think of for cooperation in the field must be our good brother.”

In addition, Dr. Waqas said, “China’s rapid development in the medical field in recent years is obvious to all, and the technology in cancer medicine is relatively mature. Therefore, we believe that through this cooperation, China can use this platform to help Pakistan import more mature medical technology for treatment of patients in Pakistan.”

“Health knows no borders.” said Dr. Wei Yujun, general manager of Anlong Gene. “In recent years, China’s development in life sciences has attracted worldwide attention. As Chinese medical professionals, we have the responsibility to let cutting-edge technology benefit more groups. Pakistan is a friendly neighbor of China. Under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), we should also respond to policies and strengthen medical cooperation between friendly countries.”

In this regard, other relevant experts expressed optimism about the prospects of China-Pakistan cooperation in cancer medicine.

Huang Yuqing, chief physician of the Department of Thoracic Surgery of Beijing Haidian Hospital, said in an interview that the import of Chinese medical technology to Pakistan is realistic and feasible.

She said that China is gradually implementing precision tumor treatment in various regions and has achieved results.

Pakistan currently has the medical conditions for early diagnosis and screening of tumors. Therefore, as long as the two sides strengthen cooperation, the barriers to the implementation of Chinese medical technology in Pakistan can be overcome.