Chinese company to set up first foot-and-mouth disease-free ranch in Pakistan

Chinese company

BEIJING, Nov 28 (APP): A delegation from Pakistan’s Ministry of National Food Security and Research visited the Royal Cell Company in Nanning, China, and had a meeting to discuss potential collaboration.

Royal Cell Company presented its programs in Pakistan, which included the establishment of the first officially certified foot-and-mouth disease-free ranch and a buffalo embryo production experimental centre.

Tent Cuijin, Chairman of Royal Cell Company, expressed their plans for further expansion in Pakistan, stating, “The visit of the delegation aims to attract more investment for the establishment of disease-free ranches in Pakistan.

In addition to constructing more ranches, we aim to establish associated dairy and meat processing plants, expanding our collaboration to include dairy products including powdered milk, UHT (Ultra Heat Treated) milk and meat products such as beef jerky.”

The Pakistani delegation emphasized the importance of scientific research and technological cooperation between China and Pakistan, hoping that Royal Cell Company would facilitate such collaboration, China Economic Net (CEN) reported on Tuesday.

Muhammad Masood Anwar, Secretary of Livestock and Dairy Development Department in Punjab, stated, “We are particularly interested in collaborating on embryo transplantation technology. By establishing connections between research institutions in Punjab Province and Guangxi Province in China, we can jointly breed high-yielding buffalo varieties.”

The meeting concluded with a mutual agreement to foster partnerships between Pakistan and China in research, development and value addition within the buffalo industry.

This collaborative effort holds immense potential for enhancing product quality, increasing production efficiency and creating new market opportunities for buffalo products from both countries.

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