Chinese border troops continue to patrol Doklam

APP14-29 PAJU: August 29 - A group of K-9 self-propelled howitzers are moved near the inter-Korean border north of Seoul after North Korea fired an intermediate ballistic missile over northern Japan into the sea earlier in the day. APP

BEIJING, Aug 29 (APP): The Chinese border troops are continuing their
patrolling and defending the Doklam (Dong Lang) area after withdrawal of Indian troops, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said here Tuesday.
“I’ve said that Chinese border troops will continue to be stationed
and patrol in Doklam and we will continue to exercise our sovereignty according to historical conventions,” Hua Chunying said during her
regular press briefing.
Responding to a question whether China would halt road-building, she
said the Chinese side would take into consideration all relevant factors, including weather, to make any infrastructure plans, including road-building.
To another question, she said for a long period of time, China had
constructed infrastructure facilities, including roads, to meet the needs
of soldiers and civilians, and improve their living conditions.
When asked if the border issue was settled in order to avoid conflict
at the BRICS meetings, Hua only said,”Ensuring the success of the summit serves interests of all relevant parties.”
On June 18, over 270 armed Indian troops with two bulldozers crossed
the boundary into Dong Lang (Doklam), Chinese sovereign territory, to obstruct infrastructure construction.
China Monday confirmed that India had withdrawn personnel and
equipment from Dong Lang (Doklam) after a military stand-off lasting more than two months.
Dong Lang (Doklam), which borders India’s Sikkim state to the west
and the Kingdom of Bhutan to the south, is part of Chinese territory and
has been under Chinese rule for a very long time.