China’s Two Sessions offer inspiration for Pakistan’s agricultural development

China's Two Sessions offer inspiration for Pakistan's agricultural development

BEIJING, Mar, 6 (APP): Pakistani experts appreciated the work report presented at the first session of the 14th National People’s Congress on Sunday, where the achievements of last year have been acknowledged and significant development goals for the year 2023 have also been revealed.

Shahid Afraz Khan, a Pakistani expert in Beijing, expressed his views with China Economic Net that in the work report, the first major target is economic growth. China has announced that its economic growth rate will be around 5 percent in 2023. Similarly, around 12 million urban jobs will be created in 2023 and Consumer Price Index (CPI) target for the country is set at 3% this year.

“Pakistan should learn from the Chinese agriculture model because we are an agro-based country. In the report on the work of the government, China has set a target to increase its grain production to more than 650 million tons. China aims to stabilize grain production this year and push for rural recovery”.

“Another Pakistani journalist working in China told CEN that the work report showed many positive indicators. In particular, the seed industry in the country will be strengthened and support will be provided to agricultural science, technology and related industries. Meanwhile, rural industries with local characteristics will be promoted.”

“I have been attending Two Sessions for the last 6 years and I’m amazed to see China’s progress each year. I have seen China’s development in even far-flung areas like Xinjiang. I have visited Xinjiang seven or eight times. I saw a lot of progress, new development, new highways, connectivity and the rapid development of infrastructure is everywhere”, he added.

Experts believe that in light of the 2023 work report goals, a more open China will bring countless benefits to the world and give a strong message of hope and recovery to the world surrounded by various problems.

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