BEIJING, Jan 28 (APP):The Chinese government will fulfill its international obligations, promptly address the legitimate concerns of foreign citizens in China, and ensure their safety in a responsible manner, Vice Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu said on Tuesday.

While briefing the foreign envoys and representatives based in China on the prevention and control of the epidemic situation of new coronavirus pneumonia infection, he emphasized that the prevention and control of the epidemic was the most important task of the Chinese government and people.

He said that China had built an all-round and multi-layered prevention and control system focusing on Wuhan and Hubei, from the central government to the local government and added, All aspects of its work are open and transparent, and it is advancing scientifically and orderly.

Ma Zhaoxu said that since the outbreak, China had adopted a highly responsible attitude and actively carried out international cooperation to notify the World Health Organization (WHO) of the epidemic situation and share technical information as soon as possible, and share the entire genome sequence of some strains.

Chinese agencies abroad had also maintained close communication with the governments of the host countries, and notified the epidemic situation and China’s prevention and control efforts in a timely manner.

He said that many countries and the World Health Organization had actively evaluated and understood their support for China’s prevention and control measures. China is deeply grateful for this.

Ma Zhaoxu emphasized that in the face of a severe and complicated epidemic situation, the Chinese government has adopted strong and difficult measures that no other country could do, and would implement them more resolutely and forcefully.

With the advantages of China’s system and its previous beneficial experience, and the strong scientific and technological material foundation accumulated by the People’s Republic of China for 70 years, the Chinese government had the determination, confidence, and ability to win the battle against epidemic prevention and control.

The envoys and representatives of the participating countries made positive comments on China’s holding of the briefing.

They appreciated the resolute and decisive measures taken by the Chinese government in responding to the epidemic, and the openness, transparency, and responsible attitude displayed.

They were willing to strengthen communication and coordination with China and cooperate with China’s prevention and control efforts to jointly maintain regional and international health security.