BEIJING, Dec 31 (APP): The Chinese and Indian sides are negotiating to hold the ninth round of military commander-level talks, Chinese Defense Ministry’s Spokesperson Colonel Tan Kefei said on Thursday.

“Since the eighth round of the commander-level talks between the Chinese and Indian armed forces, the two sides have focused on the disengagement of front-line troops to maintain consultations, strengthen the management and control of the troops, and the situation in the border areas is generally stable,” he said during his monthly briefing held here.

He said that China is willing to continue to maintain military and diplomatic communication with India.

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“It is hoped that the Indian side and the Chinese side will meet each other halfway, earnestly implement the consensus, reached at the military commander-level talks, and take pragmatic measures to further cool down the border situation,” he added.

It may be mentioned here after the eighth round of military commander-level talks between the Chinese and Indian armed forces in November, the two sides maintained communication on issues such as continuing to promote the disengagement of the line of actual control in the western section of the China-India border.