Wang Wenbin

BEIJING, Nov 3 (APP)::A Chinese foreign ministry’s spokesperson on Tuesday rejected a media report about China occupying the Nepalese land and said that the report was completely unfounded roumour.

“I want to point out that the report is completely unfounded rumour,” Chinese Foreign Ministry’s Spokesperson Wang Wenbin said while responding to question in this regard.

A western media outlet quoting Nepalese politicians had claimed that Chinese soldiers annexed a more than 150 hectares of Nepalese land in five areas near the border it shares with China including by diverting the flow of river to claim the previously submerged land.

When asked to provide some evidence, Wang Wenbin said that as this was a rumour, those who had completed this report should come up with their evidence first.

“My suggestion is, before making such a report, you should act responsibly to verify things and then report on this. I can say that this report is completely unfounded rumour,” he added.

The spokesperson told the reporter that he had accurate and clear answer for him that report was not based on fact. It was a pure rumour.

In response to a question about a joint maritime drill by India, the US, Japan and Australia starting today, he commented that the Chinese side hoped that relevant countries military operations would be conducive to peace and stability in the region instead of the contrary.

The United States, India, Japan and Australia will take part in a large-scale Malabar naval drill off the coast of India — for the first time since 2007.

To a question regarding delay in the approval of temporary flights between China and India in view of novel coronavirus cases in the flight coming to Wuhan, he informed that according to a notice from the Hubei Health Commission, a temporary flight from New Delhi to Wuhan on October 30 showed four confirmed cases and 19 asymptomatic cases.

“The two sides are engaging in communication regarding follow-up arrangement for temporary flights,” he added.

It may be mentioned here that around 20 Indian citizens were tested positive for Covid-19 on a recent flight to Wuhan organised by the Indian government.