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BEIJING, Feb 19 (APP): China on Friday said that its four soldiers were killed in last June’s conflict with Indian forces, the first confirmation of deaths by Beijing from the border clash that also killed at least 20 Indian soldiers.

“We all know that conflict broke out in Galwan in June last year and responsibility does not rest with Chinese side,” Chinese Foreign Ministry’s Spokesperson Hua Chunying said during her regular briefing held here.

She said that there were causalities, but in order to uphold the general interests of the two militaries and countries and de-escalate the tension, we have exercised great restraint showing China’s responsibility. But the Indian side has repeatedly played up the incident to distort the truth and misled the international public opinion.

Hua said that the reports this time will help people to better get to know the truth and also this is a tribute we pay to our heroes and martyrs.

She remarked that the report was revealed to give the truth to the public because the truth is long awaited and it is necessary for people to know the true story. “These soldiers, these heroes, they have all along been remembered by the Chinese people and their sacrifices made to defending our territory will never be forgotten by the Chinese people.”

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The spokesperson said that China’s position on the border issue is consistent and clear. “We always commit to resolving the disputes through dialogue and negotiations and uphold the peace and stability in the border regions.”

She hoped that the Indian side will put the border issue at a proper place and will uphold a long term and stable development of our bilateral relations. “Only this is in the interests of the two peoples.”

To a question about the tenth round of talks after completion of disengagement process between the militaries, she said that the two sides are carrying out the disengagement process in an orderly manner and “we will give you updates in due course.”

Responding to yet another question, she said that the Galwan incident is so sad and the responsibility as the Indian side also acknowledged is with the Indian side.

“But due to the irresponsible rumours spread by the Indian media, they have misled the public opinion, so the unveiling of the true story will better help people to better know the whole story,’ she added.

Hua said that this will be a way to pay tribute to our heroes and martyrs and also will help the Indian side to draw lessons from it and better work with china to uphold peace and stability in the border issue and properly resolve the relevant issue.

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“We hope the border issue will be put in the proper place in our bilateral relations. We hope to work with the Indian side to properly resolve the issue and uphold the general picture in interests of our bilateral ties,” he added.

About any implication of this news during ongoing disengagement process or the talks, he declared that these are two different things. Now, through diplomatic and military channels, the two sides are in communication on completing the disengagement smoothly.

“But the unveiling of the truth about our heroes, the soldiers is a response to those rumours and it will help us to better understand the truth and uphold the peace and stability.”

China hoped the Indian side will bear in mind the general interests of bilateral ties and bring the bilateral ties to the right track. that we released and unveiled is just the fact and the truth, she said.

To a question regarding Beijing’s clamped down on skilled workers from India entering China, he said that facing the pandemic, China is flexible adjusting our border entry measures drawing from the experience of other countries in face of serious pandemic.

“We are willing to provide confidence and assistance for upholding orderly flow of personnel under strict of epidemic control measures,” she added.