China calls for orderly withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan

BEIJING, April 15 (APP):China on Thursday called on the US to withdraw its troops in a responsible and orderly manner to ensure smooth transition in Afghanistan and to prevent further violence following US President Biden’s announcement of American troops withdrawal before September 11.

The current security situation in Afghanistan is still complex and grim and the problem of terrorism is far from being solved,Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian said during his briefing held here at International Press Center (IPC).

He remarked that China’s position over Afghanistan issue is consistent and clear, adding, Foreign troops stationed in Afghanistan should withdraw in a responsible and orderly manner to ensure a smooth transition in Afghanistan and to avoid terrorist forces from taking advantage of chaos,he added.

Terming the US as the biggest external factor affecting the issue of Afghanistan, he said, The relevant decisions and actions of the US should fully respect the sovereignty, independence of and the territorial integrity of Afghanistan.

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He said, It must take full responsibility for preserving the outcomes of Afghanistan peaceful construction and reconstruction and accommodate legitimate security concerns of the countries in the region.

On President Biden statement that he wants to withdraw troops from Afghanistan to focus on the threats posed by China, he said, the US side links its withdrawal from Afghanistan to China challenge which is detrimental to mutual trust between the two countries and it is not conducive to cooperation and coordination between the two countries on international and regional issues.

We have to emphasise that the political solution to Afghanistan and early realisation of peace and stability in the country and fight against terrorism are in the common interest of all parties concerned including China and the US and are also common aspiration of the international community,he added.

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Zhao Lijian said, the Chinese side will continue to make communication and cooperation with relevant parties in this regard and play constructive role in realising long term stability in Afghanistan.

Responding to a question on China taking part in Afghan peace conference to be held in Istanbul from April 24 to May 4, he said, China has indeed received the invitation to solve the Afghan issue.

He said the Afghan peace conference will require international community’s help and support and added, China supports any efforts to promote the process of peaceful reconciliation and we are working with the relevant parties and keeping communication with relevant parties on this meeting.

On April 14 US President Joe Biden had announced that the US will withdraw American troops from Afghanistan before the 20th anniversary of September, 11.