China aims to uphold traditional spirit of solidarity, friendship in Winter Olympic

China aims to uphold traditional spirit of solidarity, friendship in Winter Olympic
China aims to uphold traditional spirit of solidarity, friendship in Winter Olympic

BEIJING, Jan 13. (APP): China is ready and all set to host the Winter Olympics in February 2022, the second time in two decades, with the official vision of bringing the world together for a shared future. Beijing is the first city in the world to host both the winter and summer Olympics and the second capital after Oslo to host the Winter Olympic Games.

China is preparing to make the Winter Olympics 2022 an ultimate success, a moment of pride for the successful hosting of the Winter Olympics after six years of winning the hosting bid.

In this regard, China sponsored winter sports across the mainland to produce the finest athletes to participate in the Olympics, according to China Economic Net (CEN).

The participation of global leaders, including President of Russia Vladimir Putin apart from many other country heads of states at the opening ceremony, reflects the significance of the games that are beyond politics and divide.

The World Health Organisation appreciated the arrangements made by China with the support from the International Olympic Committee for safe and secure international games.

The anti-epidemic rule books that have been prepared by the Beijing Organizing Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (BOCOG), OIC, and IPC to have such games planned based on scientific research to avoid pandemics are a grand step towards having memorable events.

President Xi Jinping is personally taking interest in the preparations for the Winter Olympics 2022 and committed to spare no effort in presenting the biggest sports activity to the world under his direct supervision.

The Communist Party of China (CPC) and the government are attaching great diplomatic importance to sports for conveying its message of hope and strength to the international community.

President Xi Jinping has given the message that civilizations are enriched by mutual exchanges and learning to coexist peacefully and the Olympics 2022 presents a golden opportunity to bring the whole world together in one place to create a memory of association.

China, with its firm commitment to complying with global climate change promises, is using clean energy during the games and making it the first carbon-neutral Olympics.

China has set up multiple wind and solar parks to generate an adequate degree of power in the vicinity of the city. It will definitely give Chinese solar and wind power manufacturing companies a boost in their business prospects with the world.

To embrace the Olympic’s success, Chinese authorities have set up sports arenas on time and held trial matches in all 12 sports venues in Beijing. In addition, the service and support system has also been operationalized beforehand covering Olympics village, volunteers sanction, media center, contract hotels, and health care center.

The organizing committee took all these measures not only to protect its credibility and capability of hosting international events in the midst of pandemics but also to bring the world community to create a mutual understanding among multiple nations.

Outstanding preparations are underway where China adopts an inclusive, open, green, and safe approach for the mega event, making it the first carbon-neutral Olympics. China also takes the opportunity to dispel the clouds of pandemics by timely convening the event unlike the delayed Tokyo Summer Olympics.

The Chinese consulate in Sydney and the Australian Olympic Committee organized an online one-month countdown to the Beijing Olympics. Australia noted that Chinese efforts are appreciated and acknowledged worldwide whereby Australia also looks forward to becoming part of a community gathered for a shared future.

It speaks volumes of trust by Olympic committees in the Chinese organization of one-of-its-kind challenging Olympics. It places a great responsibility on China to create favorable conditions for athletes and audiences alike to safely enjoy the games.

China aims to uphold the traditional spirit of solidarity, peace, and friendship while continuing the high standards of management for the games and promoting friendship and understanding among people of the world.