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LAHORE, Jan 21 (APP): Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar has said that a new era of strong bilateral relations between Pakistan and the United States (US) will begin under US President Joe Biden.

In a felicitation Tweet on Thursday, Ch Sarwar extended warmest wishes to President Joe Biden and the first female US Vice President, Kamala Harris, on their inauguration.

The Punjab governor urged the US president to play his role in resolving long-standing Kashmir issue, adding that peace in the region was not possible without resolving the crucial issue.

He said the US should play its role to stop Indian atrocities against Kashmiri people and ensure resolution of the Kashmir issue in the light of the United Nations (UN) resolutions.

Ch Sarwar, highlighting Pakistan’s role in war on terror, said the sacrifices rendered by the armed forces and people of Pakistan in the war against terrorism were unprecedented, adding that the international community including the US should acknowledge its role in subduing terrorism.