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A Pakistani artist’s play depicting Covid victims’ suffering staged in New York

NEW YORK, Oct 24 (APP): A play about the pain and suffering of those affected by the Covid 19 pandemic and the callous disregard of public interests by world’s elites, written and directed by a Pakistani artist and filmmaker, was staged before a full house at the Baruch Theatre of performing arts in New York City.

Mumtaz Hussain’s drama “Virus Bomb” is a mix of satire, criticism and pragmatic questions about the future of humanity.

Pakistan’s Consul General in New York, Ayesha Ali, who was the chief guest at the event, admired the show and congratulated the author, Mumtaz Hussain, on highlighting the theme of unity.

She said that the virus had drastically changed people’s lives and the author had artfully presented that in the play.

The consul general also appreciated the fact that some of the proceeds from the play will be going towards the relief of flood-affectees in Pakistan.

“There really couldn’t be a more timely production than ‘Virus Bomb’, in content or presentation,” its producer, Bethann Carbone, said.

“In the wake of a global pandemic, Mumtaz Hussain has created a relatable story about a mother who has experienced the tragic loss of a husband and son, but yet stands up to question the indifference of the elite and protect her unborn second child, at all costs,” she added.

The play’s diverse cast represented and portrayed the lives of diverse communities in the US, where their differences as American residents were often eclipsed by the similarities of their challenges. The debates regarding the origin of the coronavirus was also depicted by the characters in a show of confusion among the nations of the world and their populations.

“We brought together talented actors from different communities living in America,” Mumtaz Hussain said. “I’m honored that they showcased their talents on stage for this commentary on human values. This cast is family to me.”


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