6,800 vehicles, 13,000 drivers on standby for Beijing 2022

6,800 vehicles, 13,000 drivers on standby for Beijing 2022
6,800 vehicles, 13,000 drivers on standby for Beijing 2022

BEIJING, Jan 27 (APP): China’s Ministry of Transport announced on Thursday that more than 6,800 vehicles and 13,000 drivers have been put in place for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games and it has strictly implemented anti-epidemic measures inside and outside the closed loop.

Spokesperson of China’s Ministry of Transport Liu Pengfei said at a press conference on Thursday that epidemic prevention and control is an important guarantee for the smooth operation of transport services for the Beijing 2022, according to Global Times.

“Since January 4, the ministry has been providing some transportation services for foreign personnel coming to China in advance, the prevention and control measures of transportation for the Winter Olympics have been well implemented and the service guarantee has been standardized and orderly,” Liu said.

In order to ensure the safety of epidemic prevention, the Ministry of Transport and the Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee and the local governments are working closely to fully implement epidemic prevention and control measures, making sure that the management of the closed-loop system and its internal and external zones do no overlap. More than 6,800 service vehicles and 13,000 drivers have been put in place.

China Railway Group Corporation has developed a special booking area for the Winter Olympics on its website and formulated special plans for train operation. A 510-kilometer winter Olympics road network connecting Beijing, its Yanqing District and neighboring Zhangjiakou has also been fully operational since January 21.

The Ministry of Transport has strengthened training on epidemic prevention work for staff at all posts, especially those working in the closed loop, to ensure that staff working at stations and front-line transport vehicles are familiar with epidemic prevention requirements.

Liu pointed out the Ministry of Transport will next focus on key links of the Winter Olympics such as opening and closing ceremonies, personnel arrivals and departures, athletes transfer, coordinating the epidemic prevention and control measures and transport services to ensure the health and safety of people involved in the Games and providing strong guarantee for the smooth hosting of the Winter Olympics.