3rd China-Pak non-wood forest S&T exchange conference to be held this month


BEIJING, Nov 21 (APP): The third Science and Technology Exchange Conference on China-Pakistan Tropical Arid Non-Wood Forest will be held from October 26 to 28 in Zhengzhou, China, and Gwadar, Pakistan.

The conference will take place both online and offline simultaneously.

The event is hosted by the Chinese Society of Forestry (CSF) and Central South University of Forestry and Technology, and organized by Henan Agricultural University, Henan Forestry Society, Economic Forest Branch of CSF, China Overseas Port Holding Company and Yulin Holdings.

With a focus on medicinal woody plants and their active substances, the organizers will invite experts from both China and Pakistan to discuss the advancements made in improving the efficiency of the non-wood forest industry in arid areas.

The conference will specifically highlight the extraction and utilization of these plants and their active substances in arid regions.

The science and technology exchange conference also seeks to facilitate the improvement of the ecological environment and people’s livelihoods in Pakistan’s tropical arid areas.

At the same time, its research results will also contribute to the Chinese market and help address the shortage of non-wood forest products in China.

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