NEW YORK, Dec 26 (APP): The owner of a nightclub in a New York City suburb and another person were killed and four others were wounded in a shooting on Christmas day, CBS reported.
Shots were fired near the entrance of The Mansion club in the early morning hours.
It happened in Mount Vernon, just north of New York City’s Bronx borough.
Authorities say the suspect may have been ejected from the nightclub.
Mount Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas said in a statement that the establishment’s owner, O’Neal Bandoo, was killed.
He says the name of the second person who died is being withheld pending family notification.
Officials haven’t named the suspect, but say he is a Bronx resident with a pending attempted murder case.
Witness Cleveland Douse tells The Journal News that 200 people were in the club during the shooting.
Meanwhile, New York City is bedecked with lights and decorations as people began celebrating their holidays. People]milled around city squares and landmarks and store held special sales for customers.