Turbat’s little master Subhan aims to break taboos, become world-class breakdancer

By Umar Nasir

TURBAT, Jun 05 (APP): The 11-year old Subhan Sohail hailing from the remote area of Turbat, who burn up the dance floor in a viral video and became a social media sensation overnight, aims to become a world-class breakdancer.

Breakdancing, that took birth in the streets of New York in late 60s, in which solo dancers perform acrobatics that involve touching various parts of the body to the ground, was part of the 2018 Youth Olympics and is a medal event at Paris 2024 Olympics.

In an exclusive interview with this scribe, Subhan, who earned fame overnight and has become a social media sensation after his video went viral said, he had never been to any trainer. The spin and rhythms they see in his dance video was natural and he learnt from watching videos on Television.

The raw talent Sohail is eying Olympics and is determined to become a world-class dancer. However, he is unaware how all this will happen.

Despite being innocent he is well aware of the local social taboos where being a break-dancer is not something to cheer about and the first resistance in his way of dream was his parents. But it all changed overnight and now when the world admires him for his spin-skill his parents have no objection.

“I was 6-year-old and started dancing secretly without letting my parents know because I feared I will be penalized for my act as for my parents my education is the top priority. But when I won international fame and being visited by media, interviewed, seen and discussed on social media now I am being appreciated and supported by my parents and have their complete go ahead to fulfil my dream. “

The spirit of Turbat’s sensation is high after his video caught eyes of the Bollywood star Jai Hemant known as Tiger Shroff who heaped praises on his performance and wished to meet him soon. On a query to know Subhan’s reaction on this he replied in humble, “I really feel great and It’s an honour for me to gain recognition from my idol Tiger Shroff, who had also wished to meet me”.

Subhan said he was working on his feet to add more perfection to his dance and would soon share fresh videos that would reflect his commitment for his future endeavour.
In the meanwhile art lovers have urged the Balochistan government for ensuring proper platform for the emerging local young talent who can earn laurels for the country that will also help promote its soft image.

The Deputy Director, Sports and Culture Department Quetta, Manan Gohar giving his version on the lack of facilities for the province’s youth said local government had planned to establish Nori Naseer Khan Culture Complex in Quetta, Art and Cultural councils at Gwadar and Turbat with an aim to promote diverse and rich culture of the province.

An Artist Endowment Fund was another initiative which had also been set up to provide emergency financial assistance to the artists. He, however, said lack of good trainers was a major issue to cope with.

An official of Kech Cultural Complex, Karmidad responding to a query said the Balochistan government in its meager resources was taking various steps for the promotion of culture and arts to encourage new talent. Arrangement of coaching classes for them was one of the major initiative being taken up.

Professor Abdul Qudoos Kakar, a Sociologist said, “There is no alternative to natural talent and aptitude. It’s a half journey to a destination and another half needs passion and guidance to complete it and achieve sublimity.”

He emphasized to ensure best possible facilities to the local emerging youth like Subhan to engage them in positive activities to contribute for the collective national cause.