Geelani, the great leader who revolutionized Kashmiris against Indian slavery

Ali Geelani an example of struggle, dedication to Kashmir cause: Ejaz Chaudhry

By: M. Ashraf Wani

ISLAMABAD, Sep 21 (APP):Among other prerequisite qualities, a true leader must have quality of foreseeing or the vision to look beyond present into future and lead the followers—who may be a group of people, a community, or a whole nation—to better future that is goal of every human struggle.

For instance Quaid-e-Azam, Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s quality of foreseeing guided him to lead his nation towards freedom struggle as he foresaw future of Muslims was not safe with Hindus, even when some prominent Muslim scholars and leaders of that time opposed this idea. However, later his vision proved to be not only true but the best choice of Muslims.

Looking this equation in perspective of Kashmir, Syed Ali Shah Geelani, indeed was a blessing from the heavens for the Kashmiri people, who on the basis of his vision and foresight guided them towards a path that heads towards a certain promising future i.e. freedom from Indian subjugation. Geelani was crystal clear in his understanding that slavery was worse than death so Kashmir people must struggle for freedom from Indian slavery that would result in freedom of Kashmir from India.

“He (Geelani) in light of Allama Iqbal’s sayings, tried to awaken Kashmiri people. He thought that slavery was harder than death and that is why he kept on insisting the kashmiri nation that if they want to live, they have no option but to struggle,” said Senior All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) leader Ghulam Muhammad Safi.

He said that Geelani had been urging people of Kashmir keep on struggle for freedom as Indian was hell bent to kill the Kashmiri nation. Indeed, Ali Geelani followed this path of struggle with determination, commitment and devotion.

“Geelani was a great leader who had a great vision for Kashmiris. He not only followed this vision but also led people of Kashmir to follow it,” another APHC leader Zahid Safi told APP.

He said that there were many perspectives of Geelani’s personality, but among them his efforts to make youth understand that slavery was no option for them, was a big contribution for kashmiris’ struggle against India.

Syed Ali Shah Geelani considered Kashmir as part of Pakistan on the basis of logic and reasoning. He firmly believed that Muslims are a complete separate nation keeping in view their religion, civilization, culture, customs and thought. He believed that their unity was based on the concept of Muslim Ummah and not their homeland, race, language, colour or economic system. This thought was the basis of his ideology that Kashmir is part of Pakistan.
Throughout his life, he not only struggled for this ideology but also instilled spirit among kashmiris. He was staunch advocate of

Kashmir’s merger with Pakistan and had given a strong slogan to cultivate spirit of belonging with Pakistan among kashmiri people. His slogan ‘Hum Pakistan hain, Pakistan Hamara hai’ (We are Pakistanis and Pakistan is ours) has become famous slogan for Kashmiris and is resounding in every nook and corner of occupied territory.

Geelani’s sacrifices for the freedom struggle would be remembered always. He followed the path which he believed was right and become a very strong symbol of resistance for Kashmir and for people struggling for freedom across the world. May his soul rest in peace.