Dhai Chaal to showcase indelible sacrifices against terrorism

Dhai Chaal to showcase indelible sacrifices against terrorism

ISLAMABAD, Feb 26 (APP): Pakistan has been facing the scourge of terrorism for the past two decades, rendering countless human sacrifices and economic losses, highlighting the dire need to make these sacrifices acknowledged globally and counter enemies’ onslaught.

Changing media dynamics and fifth-generation war has also made it more essential to reach out to international organisations and world nations to present the true face of Pakistan amidst this growing menace.

Although there had been movies like ‘Khuda Ke Kiye’, ‘Waar’, ‘Yalghar’ and others, there was a need for a film project that could focus on digging up the hidden stories of successful and hard-earned achievements of the country’s people and its security forces against the inimical forces.

‘Dhai Chaal’ (half trick), a well-thought-out and properly designed film project by Faisal Production, revolves around an Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav who was arrested by the law enforcement agencies of Pakistan on March 3, 2016.
After World War II, this was a unique incident happening where a serving intelligence officer of a country (India) got arrested while spying in another country (Pakistan).

The story is based on how Pakistani security forces arrested the Indian spy. It is a unique effort by the producer, director and actors to prepare a film on a novel topic rarely touched before by any producer with its shooting taking place at Balochistan’s unique and underrated locations.

The shooting sites selected by the film director Taimour Sherazi and producer Dr Irfan Ashraf are an amalgamation of tough terrains and scenic beauty of Balochistan province.

This amalgamation of shooting sites will not only reveal the hardships the sons of soil face in foiling the enemy’s sabotage bids but also present the culture and natural beauty of Balochistan that is under threat due to the anti-state activities of the saboteurs.

“Basic theme of the movie is to pay tribute to the sacrifices of locals of Balochistan, to promote positive impact of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and expose Indian-sponsored terrorism in Balochistan,” said producer Dr Imran Ashraf.

“The film also aims at exposing the Indian sabotage network run by Spy Kulbhushan Jadhav and his terrorist activities in Balochistan and to show the reality of Pakistan to the world in a soft way,” he added.

Dr Ashraf said another theme of the movie was to pay tribute to Balochistan people who stood firm for national unity in the fight against terrorism and rendered valuable sacrifices by losing their dear ones in terrorist attacks.

During the filming of this project, the untapped tourism potential of Balochistan has also been highlighted. “The film has amicably utilized the landscape for good cinematography and to create public awareness on Balochistan’s tourism potential.”

“Moreover, after the launch of this film, it can also grab the attention of filmmakers through Balochistan’s picturesque scenery because it has the unique topography, landscape and natural beauty unmatched in the world,” Dr Ashraf said.

He said Dhai Chaal in its different scenes tried to expose Indian-sponsored terrorism through Kulbhushan Jadhav-type hostile networks of Indian agencies involved in foiling CPEC and perpetuating terrorism in Balochistan. “Enemy’s sabotage activities and evil designs still persist in the region and world nations must come to know about this reality.”

He urged the youth and overseas Pakistanis to visit cinemas to watch this film after its release as the date will be announced soon.
India had recently screened many movies against Pakistan especially Codename Tiranga, Mission Majnu, Bard of Blood, Kashmir files and others.

“Therefore, we direly needed to thwart their malicious propaganda by screening a film based on reality,” Dr Ashraf said. “Dhai Chaal is an outcome of such an endeavor.”

He said the film highlights different aspects of Balochistan from terrorism to tourism, insurgency to enduring peace and from bloodshed to development. It also highlights the legitimate freedom struggle of the Kashmiris in a realistic manner.

“It also underscores as to how India is unleashing its unabated atrocities against innocent Kashmiris and how they are resisting Indian brutalities unleashed to quell their voice for a just right of self-determination,” he remarked.

The movie with its developing narrative amid thrill, action, drama and sensation sheds light on very technical and serious issues in a subtle manner with its cast comprising Shamoon Abbasi, Ayesha Omer, Humayoun Ashraf, Adnan Shah Tipu, Taqi Ahmed, Areej Chaudhary, Faraz Marri, Irfan motiwala and many others.

As India has started engaging Pakistan internally through insurgency and terrorism incidents across the country, it is also busy in crushing the Kashmir freedom movement in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

Therefore, it is direly needed to give India a matching response and foil its bids to quell the Kashmiri people’s struggle and curtail Pakistan’s diplomatic role by keeping it stuck with insurgency and barring it from raising voice against Hindutva at global forums.

APP/ajb/taj/maz (APP Feature Service)

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