Nation pays tribute to martyrs as ISPR releases courageous stories of 5 brave hearts of motherland


ISLAMABAD, Sep 6 (APP):To pay rich tribute to the unyielding determination of five heroes of the nation, ISPR has started a series ‘Jurrat ke Nishaan’, portraying a tale of valor and bravery.

Since the inception of Pakistan, many evil eyes have tried to thwart the peace and stability of the country but remained failed due to the protection walls created with blood, sweat and sacrifice of gallant sons of the soil.

In order to let the world know about the stories of selfless efforts and countless sacrifices made every second of every day by our brave soldiers, ISPR has initiated a short series based on the true stories of five martyrs who showed immense courage beyond compare & sacrificed their lives to root out all the evils who tried to even lay a single finger against this motherland.

Started from August 06, 2022 till August 30, all five teasers were released showing the snippets of Maj Abdul Kareem (Shaheed), Havaldar Muhammad Wafa (Shaheed), Sepoy Salman (Shaheed), Risaldar Muhammad Khan (Shaheed) and Major Shujaat Hussain (Shaheed).

While the complete stories of two among five have been released till now including Maj Abdul Kareem (Shaheed) and Havaldar Muhammad Wafa (Shaheed).

According to the official Description shared by ISPR, Maj Kareem along with only 36 of his selfless under commands have marked one of the bloodiest engagements of Pakistan Army against terrorists during the vicious siege of Ladha Fort, South Waziristan in 2008.

While Havaldar Muhammad Wafa became the defender of his motherland during an Intel Based Operation in district Washuk, Balochistan He got brutally injured during the fight but still managed to kill 3 miscreants and eventually embraced shahadat fighting bravely.

As three of the stories of undying spirit are still left to unfold, such personifications of the battlefield are a way to let the nation know about their heroes & their endless determination to protect their country and their nation from all the bad omens. This is also a message for all of us to not only reflect upon the courage and valor of our defenders but also to ensure our part for the well-being, peace and stability of our country.

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