BTS walks down emotional memory lane with new release ‘Yet To Come’


ISLAMABAD, Jun 10 (APP):Record-breaking music group Bangtan Sonyeondan (BTS) has dropped their new music video ‘Yet To come’ with a stroll down reminiscing their past era and fans can’t help being sentimental about it.

Yet To Come is the song from their new anthology album ‘PROOF’ which is actually a celebratory album for the accomplishment of nine successful years of the music group since their debut in 2013.
The new song offers a touching reflection of the past including all ups and downs and best moments the group had faced, along with a positive and bright projection for the future.

Since its release via the entertainment agency’s official YouTube channel, Armys (BTS fandom) all around the globe couldn’t help but take the social media platforms as a storm pouring their love, appreciation and admiration for the beautiful masterpiece.

“BTS are truly the best, bringing back all these memories. Talking and showing us their past in the music video, like the Ferris wheel in spring day and the Statue in Blood, sweat & Tears, telling us that through hardships comes happiness,” shared a fan in the comment section.

“I was anticipating so much. The sound of the sea in the beginning, the lyrics, every detail, I was crying & smiling at the same time. This song is a priceless treasure”, tweeted a fan, while showing affection towards the new release.

Earlier, the two-times Grammy nominated Bangtan Boys had shared a series of group photos which were the exact re-creation of their past era photos taken in every golden phase. This carried on in the MV as well, as ‘Yet To Come’ encapsulates multiple references from their past songs including, ‘No more Dreams’, ‘Spring Day’, ‘BS & T’ and ‘HYYH’ series, while recreating them in an optimistic way.

Best suited for the title track of album, this song anticipates a promising yet more cheerful future for both the BTS and the Armys and fans are in awe with the lyrics stating “You & I, best moment is yet to come.”