Unstoppable spate of robberies sweeps Multan, Citizens plunge into despair

Unstoppable spate of robberies sweeps Multan, Citizens plunge into despair
MULTAN, Aug 22 (APP): In a shocking turn of events, Multan has been besieged by an unprecedented wave of robberies, leaving citizens grappling with loss and police authorities trying to stop the escalating crime spree.
During the last 24 hours, a flurry of audacious thefts has rocked various parts of the city, resulting in the disappearance of gold ornaments, mobile phones, cash, and even livestock.
As this crime wave continues unabated, residents are left shaken by the boldness of these criminals who have targeted both individuals and households. The city’s police force finds itself stretched to its limits, attempting to restore a sense of security amidst growing public concern.
One victim, Khalil Ahmed, was ruthlessly robbed at gunpoint, losing both cash and a mobile phone. Abdul Raheem, a senior journalist, also faced a similar fate when his motorcycle, mobile phone, and hard-earned money were snatched away in a matter of moments, leaving him utterly defenceless. In another incident, Ashraf was stripped of thousands of rupees, marking another instance of vulnerability within the community.
Unknown suspects infiltrated the homes of Sajjad and Rafiq, making off with valuable livestock worth millions of rupees. Meanwhile, Ghulam Mustafa’s home in the Basti Maluk police station area fell prey to the criminals, resulting in the loss of invaluable gold jewellery.
The impact rippled across the city’s landscape, with the Muzaffarabad police station area suffering significant losses in terms of cash and valuables from the houses of Mohammad Hussain and Rashid Mahmood. The Setal Mari Police area bore the brunt of the robberies as well, as the criminals brazenly seized gold ornaments and precious belongings, deepening the distress of the affected residents.
This criminal onslaught has spared no quarter, as Shehryar’s household suffered a loss of Rs100,000 in cash. Meanwhile, in the Cantt area, a collective sum of Rs 90,000 in cash and valuables were snatched, leaving the community reeling from the ongoing crisis.
This spate of robberies has sent shockwaves throughout Multan, as residents in different corners of the city, including Javed in the New Multan area, Abdul Rasheed in the Daulat Gate area, Lal Din in the Sadar Jalalpur area, and Amjad in Bahauddin Zakaria Police station area, bear the brunt of stolen motorcycles and personal belongings.
As citizens grapple with the emotional and financial aftermath of these crimes, law enforcement agencies find themselves under immense pressure to bring these criminals to justice. The city’s police force is leaving no stone unturned, as they work tirelessly to apprehend those responsible and restore people’s confidence.
In the face of these developments, Multan’s residents are reminded of the critical role that community vigilance and collaboration with law enforcement play in curbing crime. As the city unites against this criminal surge, the hope remains that swift action and concerted efforts will lead to the apprehension of the culprits, said  Police officials.
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