Tragic accident near Nagan Bridge claims two lives, injures three others

road accident
KARACHI, Feb 28 (APP):In a tragic incident near the Nagan Bridge within the jurisdiction of Shahrah-e-Noor Jahan Police Station on late Tuesday night, two lives were lost and three individuals sustained injuries as a speeding vehicle careened onto the footpath where people were sleeping.
The victims, all siblings, were identified by the police as Ashok, 18, and Bali, 22, both sons of Gopi Chand, who tragically lost their lives. The injured, identified as Shri Ram, Sita Ram, and Lalu, sons of Gopi Chand, were rushed to the hospital for treatment.
The police swiftly responded to the scene, with the Crime Scene Unit and police securing the area and impounding the vehicle involved. However, the driver managed to evade capture and fled the scene.
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