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Traditional colourful ‘Fashion Show’ held to celebrate100 years of Turkiye

KARACHI, Dec 12 (APP): Turkiye and Pakistan have brotherly bounding relations and it will remain all seasons, this was stated by Consul General of the Republic of Turkiye in Karachi, Cemal Sangu at the colorful cultural and fashion show held on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Proclamation of the Republic of Turkiye at an auditorium and was attended by diplomats, high government officials, politicians, students, and the elite of the town.

Dr. Junaid Ali Shah, Sindh Caretaker minister and chief guest of the event congratulated the Consul General for organizing a wonderful event.

Cemal Sangu further said that we are organizing a series of events on the occasion of the 100 years of the celebrations of Turkiye. Introducing Turkish fashion designers Consul General said the designer, Cemile Gul was born in 1964 in Kutahya, Turkiye, and began working at the Kutahya Public Education Center after completing her education.

She won numerous awards in the field of embroidery and collaborated with Malatya Inonu University, Turkiye.
Her works received awards at the Aegean Region Embroidery Competitions and achieved success in many competitions throughout Turkiye. She guided women interested in the art of embroidery and her works were published in many magazines.

According to her artistic understanding, art is the process of concretely expressing the meaning within a material in various ways. Throughout her career spanning over 20 years, she taught the art of embroidery to more than 3000 women, enabling them to receive certificates. Cemile Gul aimed to preserve Turkish Embroidery Art and conducted many projects and activities by modernizing traditional motifs for contemporary use. Additionally, she introduced Turkish handicrafts by organizing exhibitions and fashion shows worldwide.

With an entrepreneurial approach, Cemile Gul established the ‘CEMILE GUL ART GALLERY’ in Kutahya, Turkiye, producing magnificent works through an intense work pace to preserve, pass on, popularize, and contribute to the economy of handicrafts.

She showcased her works in many domestic and international fairs and exhibitions, organized fashion shows, and received numerous awards. She modernized Ottoman-era traditional motifs adorned on clothes and home textile decorations, adapting them to contemporary evening and formal wear as well as home textile products. Her works were presented at fairs, exhibitions, and fashion shows worldwide, from Germany to Singapore, Libya to the UK, and Austria to Saudi Arabia, upon requests from the Republic of Turkiye’s Ambassadors and the Ministry of Culture.


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