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Torrential rains claims at least  20 causalities in Muzaffaranad Division in last 24 hours: SDMA

MUZAFFARABAD, Apr 20 (APP): At least 20 people have lost their lives and 34 others sustained injuries due to road accidents, collapsing of Houses  and in other incidents caused by recent heavy rains in last 24 hours across Azad Jammu and Kashmir .
According to notification of state disaster Management Authority (SDMA)  issued here on Saturday said that almost 20 people 13 males,5 females and 2 children have been killed in Muzaffarabad Division in land sliding incidents and some 34 got injuries whereas, the 9 were killed in Muzaffarabad district , 8 from Neelum district and 2 from Jhelum district.
According to more details, some 20 houses were completely destroyed and 79 houses got partially damages  due to land sliding  whereas, 3 shoes ,one school, one wooden bridge and 2 cattle enclosures got damaged  and in Leepa valley some 9 houses buried under land slide, however no life loses were reported and PaK Army came up for the rescue in different areas  along with the SDMA and district Administration and AJK Police.
According 1122 Rescue  the rivers of Neelum and Jehlum and other streams are in a heavy flooded conditions and SDMA has issued red alert to all citizens to abstain from passing through the river banks and near the flooded streams.
The SDMA  details said that  highways and link roads of Neelum and Muzaffarabad districts  in different areas have been blocked due landslides including Muzaffarabad Kohala –Rawalpindi Highway has been remained closed due to  slide of a big and heavy stone on the road which could not be removed without blasting and the transport Authority has directed all the public and private transporters to use  Barsala Dhan Ghali road as an alternate  for Rawalpindi.
The Rescue 1122 officials said that  SDMA,  PWD and NHA authorities are engaged with their staffers to remove land sliding and other blockages  with heavy Machines from the roads across Muzaffarabad and Ponch Division to ensure smooth  running of traffic.

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