Swat witnessing influx of foreign tourists nowadays

foreign tourists

PESHAWAR, Sep 25 (APP):Known as the Switzerland of Pakistan, the Swat district was nowadays witnessing an influx of foreign tourists specially from European countries to explore the beauty of nature in this one of its kind areas.
According to the district administration, during the month of September, a large number of foreign tourists including from European countries visited the scenic valleys of Swat in Mahudhand, Mankiyal. Kalam, Gabin Jabba and Mallam Jabba. The tourists were seen taking the pleasure of the serene and scenic mountain tracks in these areas.
The foreign tourists were also visiting the glaciers of Kalam in groups to enjoy their trips and the taste of the local food, especially the trout fish.
Some of the tourists said they were very much impressed with the beauty of the mountains and valleys of Swat. They were also highly appreciative of the hospitality and behavior of local people. They said their visit to Swat will long be remembered and wished to revisit the area in future.
The tourists said the people of Swat were very much friendly, adding that the locals and personnel of the Pakistan Army provided them special care and facilities during their trip. The tourists added that they found the Pakistan Army as a very professional and disciplined force

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