Student sets up first ever free Practical Science Lab in Loralai

Student sets up first ever free Practical Science Lab in Loralai

QUETTA, Feb 1 (APP): A student established the first ever Practical Science Laboratory for students to polish their skills and knowledge of critical scientific concepts free of cost in Loralai, Balochistan.

Jahangir Khan Mardanzai, an F.Sc student took this step to convert the youth’s attention towards the practical science.

Talking to APP, Mardanzai said that the purpose of the establishment of science laboratory was to encourage the youth towards experimental study to evaluate the overall effect of practical work on students’ academic knowledge in science.

He recommended that the students should be given ample opportunity to be engaged in practical lessons in secondary schools which would help in harnessing their analytical and practical skills.

Mardanzai said laboratory work would play a significant role in increasing science education and could be used to develop scientific notation.

He also suggested that the schools administration of Balochistan need to establish their labs with all necessary equipment for practical work as it was important to improve students’ concepts at the early learning stage.

It is worth mentioning that from the beginning of the Laboratory, educators and researchers have started benefitting from the practical work facilities and have given a welcoming response to it, he said adding, the learners belong to different fields of chemistry, physics and biology.

“Practical work has also been conducted to help improve the communication skills of students in order to solve problems in science and thus become more motivated to learn science,” he added.

Mardanzai mentioned that a contrasting view to the advantages of laboratory-based teaching has been posed through the activities at the lab.

He claimed that practical work might be applied in a way where students could use it for creativity or cognitive thinking to process the information for informed solutions.

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