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Snowfall in Murree; CTP issue traffic advisory for tourists

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RAWALPINDI, Jan 31 (APP): City Traffic Police (CTP) Rawalpindi on Wednesday issued an advisory for the visitors heading towards the hill station, Murree to enjoy snowfall.

According to a CTP spokesman, the police on the directives of City Traffic Officer (CTO) Rawalpindi, Taimoor Khan had devised a comprehensive plan to facilitate the tourists heading towards the ‘Queen of Hills Murree’ for spending recreational time with their families and friends in the chilly weather.

He said, the CTP had deployed senior traffic officers to monitor traffic arrangements in the hill station to ensure smooth and safe traffic flow during the snowfall.

A special traffic control room with landline numbe 051-9269200 had also been set up where the citizens could call around the clock for any kind of help, he added.

He further said the control room would organize all possible facilities for the tourists and make arrangements for handling any emergency.

The spokesman informed that they had increased number of traffic wardens, junior traffic wardens — under the supervision of inspectors — who were deployed at all key points of the hill station.

Moreover, they have designated several points for car parking. A number of main roads including Kashmir Point, Mall Road, Guldana Road and other roads had been closed for two-way traffic to ease traffic flow.

He said though the snow blanket made the “Queen of Mountains” even more beautiful, which attracted a large number of tourists, but the motorists could face traffic congestion due to slippery roads and traffic congestion.

The snowfall attracts thousands of tourists to these scenic sites which resulted in extra traffic load on the roads choking almost every artery linking Rawalpindi-Islamabad to these hilly spots.
Due to the huge influx of tourists towards Murree, the administration and CTP have issued an advisory here which appealed to the citizens to use their own line and avoid using the dual line as preventive measures.

According to the advisory, the tourists are requested to use petrol-based vehicles and strictly prohibited to use CNG-based vehicles which may cause problems in cars due to extreme cold in the snow.

In the advisory, the families with infants and asthma patients are also advised to avoid travelling to Murree.

It also asked the tourists to strictly follow one way and don’t violate it for the smooth run of traffic.
He requested the tourists to follow the advisory to avoid any kind of inconvenience or incident to have safe tourism.

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