Rickshaw driver arrested with stolen items on PSCA’s indication

LAHORE, Feb 01 (APP):During a timely operation at 15 Call, Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA) apprehended a rickshaw driver involved in stealing a woman’s belongings.
According to a spokesperson of the PSCA, a woman hired a rickshaw from MM Alam Road, Hussain Chowk. Near Ichhra, the woman unloaded her belongings and went home. Taking advantage of the situation, the rickshaw driver fled with the remaining items, including a laptop. The Safe City team traced the route of the rickshaw and apprehended the driver. Details of the rickshaw involved in the theft, along with video footage and images, were provided to the investigation officer.
The spokesperson for Safe Cities stated that Ichhra Police, during their operation, arrested the rickshaw driver and recovered the stolen items. The affected woman expressed her gratitude to Safe City and the police. Citizens are urged to immediately report any violations of the law around them on 15.
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