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PTI intends constitutional change in Sindh to provide relief to masses: Haleem Adil Sheikh

KARACHI/Ghotki, Aug 06 (APP): Opposition leader in Sindh Assembly, Haleem Adil Sheikh, ruled out Governor rule in the province saying that PTI is eying at constitutional change in Sindh to provide relief to the masses.

He was talking to media persons after appearing before Model Court at Mirpur Mathelo on Friday.

Earlier, the opposition leader attended the hearing of Ghotki bye-elections case in Model Court. The court adjourned the hearing of the case to August 28.

Haleem Adil Sheikh said that he false case were registered against him because he was highlighting the plight of the people of Sindh and exposing corruption of PPP government.

Sheikh criticized the Sindh government for failing in maintenance of law and order and said that federal government has vowed to restore the order in the province.

Writ of law in the province has withered to the extent that outlaws attack Police and seen dancing on APCs and carrying latest weapons even anti-aircraft guns on the social media, Sheikh noted and alleged that the Police was involved in supplying drugs and illegal arms.

The change of faces would not work as game of PPP has come to its logical end, the leader of the opposition maintained and suggested Bilawal that it was time to change the captain “CM Sindh” who needs special assistants even to run affairs of a districts. “Now they will appoint advisers at tahseel and union council level as well”, he sarcastically added.

PTI was getting further strength in Sindh as prominent political figures of Sindh were joining the party, he said and informed that PTI would field its candidates from all the constituencies of the province in upcoming elections.

On appointment of Murtaza Wahab as administrator Karachi, Sheikh said that following the announcement of Rs.1100 billion Karachi package it was agreed in principal that an honest and capable person would be nominated on the post.

He termed Wahab’s appointment as a conspiracy against Sindh and a plan to further destroy its capital Karachi. Late Fouzia Wahab was a good politician but Murtaza Wahab was continuity of hereditary politics of PPP, he added.

Later, addressing a press conference at residence of Sardar Papu Chachar in Pano Aqil, Haleem Adil Sheikh reiterated that PPP Sindh has failed to establish the writ of law in the province as 11 innocent people of Chachar tribe were martyred while over 39000 acres of state land was encroached.

He urged the Sindh government to desist from anti-Karachi decisions as they first imposed harsh lockdown through an arbitrary decision and now the had placed Murtaza Wahab, a person rejected by people, as administrator Karachi.

“We have no objection on his personality but on his performance,” he remarked and added that due to bad governance of PPP Karachi was included in the filthiest cities of the world.

PPP has resort to illogical decisions as they had realized that it was their last tenure in government , he said adding that future of Sindh belongs to PTI and they were hopeful of forming the next government in Sindh.

On a query about Kala Bagh Dam, Haleem Adil said that though present situation of water availability in country particularly in Sindh required construction of reservoirs, PTI would not support any project adversary to the national solidarity and harmony.


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