PSCA engages police to control crime

LAHORE, Sep 19 (APP):The Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA) and Lahore police have taken a proactive measure to curb criminal activities.
PSCA is providing a visual representation of crime data called a “crime heat map” to the Lahore police. This heat map allows police officers to identify areas and times with higher crime rates within each police station’s jurisdiction. Additionally, the Safe City initiative is equipping the police with information about crime patterns and the locations.
The crime heat map assists law enforcement in better understanding crime trends. This knowledge enables them to strategically allocate resources, such as patrolling and personnel deployment, to effectively address the issue.
SP Arslan Zahid stated that they are conducting targeted operations to prevent activities like theft and robbery using insights from the heat map. The data from the PSCA initiative is proving invaluable in creating the crime heat map and identifying crime hotspots.
The presence of safe city cameras, swift responses to 15 emergency calls and the effective deployment of field forces are all contributing to the maintenance of low crime rates.
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