Price Magistrates impose fines on 68 ‘Tandoors’ for profiteering

Price Magistrates impose fines on 68 ‘Tandoors’ for profiteering
RAWALPINDI, Apr 16 (APP): Price Magistrates while conducting raids across Rawalpindi district checked prices of Roti and Naan during last 24 hours and imposed fines on 68 ‘Tandoors’ for profiteering.
Punjab government had fixed the price of 100 grams Roti at Rs16, while the price of 120 grams Naan at Rs 20, Deputy Commissioner (DC) Rawalpindi, Hassan Waqar Cheema said.
He informed that more than 100 ‘Tandoors’ were checked during last 24 hours while 68 were found guilty of violating the fixed rates of Roti and Naan. Fines amounting to Rs 170,000 were imposed on the violators, he added.
Seven violators were also sent behind the bars while four ‘Tandoors’ were sealed during the campaign launched against the profiteers, the DC said. All available resources were being utilized to ensure implementation of the fixed prices of Roti and Naan, he added.
A district administration spokesman said that on the instructions of the DC, Hassan Waqar Cheema, the Price Magistrates were mobilized to ensure implementation of the prices of Naan and Roti, issued by the Punjab government across the district.
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