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Police to launch comprehensive crackdown against kite selling

MULTAN, Feb 24 (APP):The city police have decided to launch a comprehensive crackdown against kite selling and flying to prevent mishaps reported in the past where various people lost their lives and many went differently-abled.
In line with the special directives of City Police Officer (CPO) Sadiq Ali, the police have formed special teams to launch the crackdown. The CPO has urged parents to keep vigil on their children and not let them fly kites in order to prevent mishaps.
He said, “Chemical thread has killed various people and disabled many others in the past.”
He also asked citizens to avoid using their houses for kite flying; otherwise, strict legal action would also be taken against them.
The CPO said that kite selling was a crime, and the violators could get three years of imprisonment and a fine of Rs 100,000. He said that the names of violators would also be added to the police character certificates, through which they would be ineligible for government jobs and travel to other countries.
He said, “Police teams have been directed to continue the crackdown on a daily basis without any discrimination

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