Police crackdown against kite flying underway, 3700 kites recovered

RAWALPINDI, Feb 21 (APP):Police arrested 44 kite sellers, kite flyers and recovered 3700 kites, 41 strings and fireworks from their possession during crackdown here on Wednesday.
According to police spokesman, Waris Khan police recovered 1090 kites and 12 strings from 11 kite sellers.
Similarly, Rata Amaral police seized 835 kites and 02 strings from 06 kite sellers. While, New Town police recovered 520 kites and 10 strings from 08 kite sellers.
Following operation, Sadiqabad police seized 380 kites and 05 strings from 07 kite sellers, kite flyers.
Pirwadhai police recovered 432 kites and 04 strings from 03 kite sellers and Ganjmandi police recovered 115 kites, 02 strings and 20 pomegranates from 04 kite sellers, kite flyers.
Bani police recovered 222 kites and 02 strings from 02 kite sellers.
Taxila police recovered 60 kites and strings from Irfan. Naseerabad police recovered 40 kites and strings from Shahzad, Kalar Syedan police recovered 20 kites and 02 strings from Nadeemul Hassan.
Police have registered separate cases against all of them and further investigation was in progress.
SSP operations said that Kite flying is a deadly sport, the accused involved in kite flying and kite selling cannot escape from the grip of the law.
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