Pakistan future associated with educated youth: Governor KP

Pakistan future associated with educated youth: Governor KP

PESHAWAR, Feb 25 (APP): Governor Haji Ghulam Ali of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa highlighted the crucial role of education in shaping Pakistan’s future during his address to a 70-member student delegation. He underscored that providing quality education is a primary duty of both federal and provincial governments.

Governor Ali expressed a strong desire to ensure that no child faces educational deprivation due to adverse conditions. He encouraged both male and female students to invest their time in studies, reading, and utilizing social media and the internet for educational purposes.

Addressing concerns raised by the student delegation regarding issues such as fees and scholarships, Governor Ali assured them that he would personally engage with the heads of educational institutions, including vice-chancellors, to address these matters. He emphasized the importance of providing free education for disabled children, enabling them to contribute meaningfully to the nation.

Governor Ali commended the students as valuable assets and stressed the need to protect and channel their energies positively for social development. He acknowledged the challenges and expectations faced by today’s youth in the realm of modern education and reassured them of the government’s commitment to investing in education.

Expressing gratitude to the students for their visit, Governor Ali highlighted that he is the first governor actively engaging with various sectors and promptly addressing their concerns. He concluded by urging the youth to excel not only in their education but also in contributing to the development of their families, regions, and the nation.

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