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Over 7,000 vehicles entered in Murree on second day of Eid

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RAWALPINDI, Apr 11 (APP):City Traffic Police (CTP) Rawalpindi has made special arrangements with aim to provide a hassle-free experience for visitors enjoying the picturesque hill station.
With over 7,000 vehicles has entered in Murree and the continuous influx of visitors, Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Taimoor Khan said.
Despite the narrow and two-way roads, traffic in Murree is currently flowing smoothly, according to the CTO. However, due to limited parking space, vehicles are being parked on one side of the road.
GPO Chowk is experiencing unusually high traffic pressure because of the large number of pedestrians in the area.
To ensure a safe and pleasant journey for everyone, tourists are advised to adhere to traffic rules. Officers are actively patrolling to enforce no-parking regulations and maintain order on the roads.
Meanwhile, more than 700 police personnel were performed security and traffic duties to ensure peace and a smooth flow of traffic in Murree during Eid ul Fitr.
As part of the plan, 260 traffic police officers were deployed to maintain the flow of traffic.
Special pickets were also installed at 14 different places to ensure the safety and convenience of tourists on Eid-ul-Fitr, the CTO said, adding that six facilitation centers have been set up in Murree to guide tourists.
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