Opposition trying to deceive masses on no confidence: FM Qureshi

Opposition trying to deceive masses on no confidence: FM Qureshi

KARACHI, Mar 02 (APP):Pakistan Tehreek Insaf’s Haqooq-e-Sindh March reached Mirpurkhas on Wednesday after passing from Sakrand, Shahpur Chakar, Sanghar, Kandiari and Sindhri towns.

A large number of people along with party workers warmly welcomed the Haqooq-e-Sindh March at various places en route by showering flowers, hoisting PTI flags and chanting slogans.

Earlier the Haqooq-e-Sindh March led by vice chairman PTI Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi, PTI Sindh President Ali Zaidi, leader of the opposition in Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh, provincial secretary PTI Sindh Mubeen Jatoee and other leaders resumed from Nawabshah and headed to Sakrand.

Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi while addressing a press conference along with other PTI leaders at Sakrand said that PPP was using public resources on the ‘rent a march’ and all cities from where that march passed by were locked down. “Can Bilawal Zardari explain why people are being kept away from the so called awami march?” Qureshi asked.

PPP alleges that Sindh is deprived of its rights but they don’t tell masses that Sindh received Rs 8.9 trillion in 14 years from the federal government while Imran Khan given development funds amounting to Rs. 1000 billion to the province, Makhdoom Shah Mehmood said adding that facts could not be hidden from people of Sindh who are politically aware and seeking answer from Bilawal that where more than Rs. 9000 billion were spent and why 44 percent of development budget was embezzled in Sindh.

The foreign minister said that bubble of no confidence had burst after PML-Q’s assurance to Prime Minister Imran Khan as Chaudhary brethren in a meeting with PM assured their support to PTI government.

Opposition parties were trying to deceive the masses so they were not using their right to requisite assembly session for tabling no confidence motion against Prime Minister, he asserted.

PPP workers were chanting slogans of PM Bilawal but he had just 5 percent support in Punjab, Makhdoom Shah Mehmood noted saying that number of seats of interior Sindh was not sufficient to become PM and Bilawal required more time to learn politics. “Right now you just narrate written speeches,” he advised the Bilawal.

People in Sindh also got fed up of bad governance and corruption of PPP and they particularly the youth seen eager and well prepared for change in the province, FM Qureshi said.
People’s party dented rifts in Sindh and created ethnic and linguistic divide but PTI is here to unite all the citizens again, he said.

FM Qureshi said that PM Imran Khan believes in dialogue and diplomacy and he- Shah Mehmood Qureshi- was in contact with foreign ministers of different countries on Ukraine issue.
He said that 1121 Pakistani students had been evacuated from Ukraine and efforts were under way to ensure safe evacuation of every Pakistani citizen from the war torn country.

Later, Shah Mehmood Qureshi addressing a public gathering in Sanghar said that PTI is going to every district of Sindh not for votes but for the rights of citizens and if the people of Sanghar show political sagacity, they can sweep out PPP from Sindh.
He said that Imran Khan has summed up his philosophy in two words “Absolutely not” when asked about allowing Pakistani air bases to USA because he believed that decisions of granting powers and ruling authority belongs to Almighty Allah.

Imran Khan fearlessly visited nook and corner of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa when the province was in grip of terrorism and people of the province expressed their confidence on PTI in elections, he said adding that PTI in leadership of Imran Khan turned victorious in Punjab while proving political analysts incorrect.
The great leader of Indo Pak subcontinent Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah achieved freedom for Pakistan with his political wisdom and sagacity and now Imran Khan is striving to make Pakistan a respectable, self reliant and sovereign nation, he said.

Federal minister for Maritime Affairs and Provincial President PTI Sindh Ali Zaidi while speaking at the occasion said that during PTI’s Haqooq-e-Sindh March we have seen poverty, dilapidated hospitals, abandoned schools and deteriorated roads and basic infrastructure from Ghotki to Sanghar.

PPP has deprived citizens of all the basic facilities and Bilawal Zardari wanted to keep entire Sindh in that pathetic condition, he said adding that provincial government was going to close 5 thousand schools in Sindh on the notion that Sindh did not need schools.

PTI provided Health Cards in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab to ensure the best medical facilities to masses but Sindh government is hindering the public welfare initiative in Sindh despite of the fact that people of Sindh badly needed the facility due to poor health infrastructure of the province, Ali Zaidi said adding that Zardari and his followers have been plundering the resources of Sindh since 14years and people were undergoing miseries and sufferings.

But people of Sindh will not tolerate PPP’s tyranny and corruption anymore and they are ready to challenge Zardari mafia, he said and added while referring to electoral symbol of PTI and PPP that in general election 2023 the bat will smash the arrow and unite and develop the Sindh province like other provinces of Pakistan.

Ali Zaidi said that Zardari has sent his son on ‘wrong march’ along with all the ministers and resources of Sindh government but they never bothered to visit the victims of human rights violations and abuse in Sindh. Bilawal did not pay visit to homes of Um-e-Rubab, Fehmida Sial and other victims, he noted.

Haleem Adil Sheikh addressing the public gathering said that PPP deprived Sindh of its basic rights as they don’t have access to clean drinking water, medicines and healthcare, quality education and books.

He said that Namarta Kumari, Nousheen Shah and other daughters of Sindh were harassed, abused and killed in educational institutions while Larkana which PPP claimed to be their stronghold was suffering the most as AIDs is spreading in the district while it also topped in cases of dog bite.

PTI is holding the march to get Sindh rid of Zardari Mafia, he said and urged masses to step forward and stand against the atrocious system.