Ombudsman Office instructs different depts to return Rs 1.8 m to aggrieved persons

Ombudsman Office instructs different depts to return Rs 1.8 m to aggrieved persons

MULTAN, Oct 25 (APP):In a remarkable display of public service, Federal Ombudsman Multan Region’s Senior Investigation Officer, Dr. Zahid Malik has heard public complaints and instructed different institutions to return over Rs 1.8 million to the aggrieved persons.

During his visit to Shujaabad to address grievances and complaints against the mismanagement of federal institutions, he set up court at office of the Town Municipal Corporation.

During this open court session, Dr. Zahid Malik personally handled more than 20 cases, delivering on-the-spot resolutions for many.

The senior officer also issued orders for the return of more than 18 lakhs to the public, covering various utility bills.

The beneficiaries included individuals dealing with federal institutions such as Mepco, Sui Gas, Postal Life Insurance, NADRA, Pakistan Railways, Agricultural Development Bank, and Pakistan Baitul Mal.

Dr. Malik underlined the importance of promptly addressing public complaints, urging these federal institutions to expedite the resolution process.

He expressed resolve of Federal Ombudsman’s office to ensuring the swift implementation of all decisions without any tolerance for delays.

Dr. Malik extended an invitation to the public, encouraging them to submit their complaints on plain paper directly during these open court sessions.

He reiterated that the Ombudsman’s responsibility was to resolve public issues in accordance with established rules and regulations without any delay.

The visit of Dr. Zahid Malik to Shujaabad not only provided relief to numerous individuals but also reinforced the institution’s dedication to serving the people and ensuring their concerns erre addressed effectively, said an aggrieved person.

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