Not single polio case reported in Balochistan, says official

QUETTA,, Jan 27 (APP): Coordinator Emergency Operation Center (EOC) Syed Zahid Shah on Friday said Balochistan had achieved the goal set for eradication of poliovirus as not a single case was reported for the last two years.

According to the Coordinator of Emergency Operation Center for Prevention of Poliovirus in Balochistan Syed Zahid Shah, the last case of polio was reported from Qila Abdullah district on January 27, 2021.

Syed Zahid Shah said in a statement that there were no environmental samples of poliovirus detected since April 2021, which was a positive development in terms of polio eradication.

“The efforts of the provincial government on eradicating the crippling virus paid off to save our children from all epidemic diseases,” he added.

Balochistan has achieved 100 percent target of administering vaccines to children under five years of age during the last nationwide anti-polio campaign, despite its difficult terrain, and amid harsh weather conditions, including cold winds and heavy snowfall.

In visuals shared by the EOC Balochistan and health department, female polio workers can be seen walking close to mud-walled houses in Barshore area of the Pishin district to provide anti-polio drops to the children.

Marjana, a community health worker, could be seen engaged in the anti-polio campaign despite heavy snowfall and harsh weather in the Pishin district of Balochistan province.

Despite heavy snowfall and harsh weather, the polio workers continued the campaign with full determination in most parts of northern Balochistan.