NAB Balochistan holds anti-corruption seminar at Mir Chakar Khan Rind University

NAB Balochistan

ISLAMABAD, Nov 20 (APP): The Mir Chakar Khan Rind University on Monday collaborated with the National Accountability Bureau (Balochistan) to host a seminar focusing on the involvement of students in the eradication of corruption.

At the seminar, University Controller Professor Abdul Naeem welcomed the chief guest NAB Director General Zafar Iqbal Khan and other participants, sharing perspectives on the topic.

During his speech against corruption, Senior Superintendent of Police Inayatullah Bengalzai urged students to lead their lives in accordance with Islamic teachings.

Expressing that meeting the obligations to Allah while overlooking the rights of people leads to the decay of the societal well-being, he stressed on educating children about corruption’s consequences for better control. “Lying, which is termed as the origin of all evils, stands out as a significant contributor to corruption,” he added.

Deputy Commissioner Khuda-e-Rahim, in his remarks, emphasized that “corruption undeniably prevails as the most pervasive evil, steadily eroding the foundations of our society”.

He stressed the importance of students being knowledgeable about corruption and understanding its implications.

He further mentioned that students consistently contributed significantly to the progress of any society, molding the destinies of their nations with their capable hands.

NAB Director General Zafar Iqbal Khan, in his address, cited the example of developed countries, where corruption was rigorously addressed with an iron hand.

In those countries, individuals who engage in corruption face a social boycott, leading to its reduction and subsequent growth in development. He pointed out that instead of consistently focusing on the corruption of others, “we need to embrace self-accountability”.

The DG NAB emphasized that the elimination of corruption could only be achieved through education and anti-corruption awareness campaigns.

He encouraged students to participate in NAB’s anti-corruption awareness campaign, urging them to vocalize their opposition to corruption. The seminar’s primary objective was to transform the general public into advocates for NAB in its battle against corruption.

Citing a historical example, he mentioned that in the past, corruption was strongly condemned, and individuals involved in corrupt practices faced societal boycott. Nowadays, corruption had sadly become a societal norm, he regretted.

Exhorting the seminar participants, former Chief Minister Ghous Bakhsh Barozai urged them to actively contribute to the eradication of corruption.
He emphasised the importance of comprehending the impact of corruption on society, describing it as a deeply rooted issue. He urged the students to prioritize education as their mission, enabling them to contribute to a society free from corruption and fulfill their roles effectively.

Giving an example from the past, he said that in the 1960s, people used to come to Pakistan from China in search of employment, but by taking measures against corruption, they made their country developed.

Concluding the event, Vice Chancellor Jan Wash Karim expressed gratitude to DG NAB (Balochistan) and other organizers for conducting the seminar at the university.

The Vice Chancellor emphasized that students are the last hope for Pakistan’s development, urging them to learn from mistakes and speak out against corruption.

The speakers expressed gratitude to all participants for dedicating their valuable time to the seminar. Following the event, a public walk against corruption was organized, with the chief guest and other participants actively involved.

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