Music maestro Alamgir coming back soon

Music maestro Alamgir striking back soon

MULTAN, Feb 27 (APP): Living legend, Alamgir, who may safely be dubbed as “Father of Pop Music” in Pakistan, is making his comeback in music industry soon for which he recorded his four new songs.

“ I have recorded four new songs and is making my comeback soon as I’m completely fit after kidney transplantation. I am not an ill man now,” Delighted Alamgir said in a tv show during an interview.
He informed that he had undergone for dialysis for 13 years adding that after getting matching kidney, he was quite fit.

He reminisced that It was known musician Sohail Rana who introduced him to PTV as guitarist in his orchestra in a kids show.

Later on, he joined orchestra of legendary composer Karim Shahabuddin who motivated him for singing, Alamgir said and added that it was an era of real instruments of music wherein musicians and singers used to work very hard for composing a hit number.

“There were no machines of music in past unlike these days. We had to do a laborious practice for a good song.” he recalled.

Replying a question, he elaborated about his struggling period adding that Muhammad Ali Shehki was his good competitor but at the same time they were good friends too.

To another question, he advised the budding singers to practice hard for strengthening their vocal chords adding that it will help them taking high and low notes easily without going unrhymed.

About his favourite singers, the great singer stated that Elvis Presley, an American singer, velvet-voiced Muhammad Rafi, melody queen, Noor Jehan, King of Ghazal, Mehdi Hassan, and Farida Khanum are his all times favourite.

“ Noor Jehan was a unmatched singer. I improved my singing after listening to her,” he explained.
“ Mostly, I listen songs of 1970—80s besides mystic poetry now. In my childhood while going to school on foot, I used to listen Elvis Presley outside a home on my way, but I had never thought of becoming a singer.” he disclosed.

He informed that basically he was interested in playing guitar in the beginning and with passage of time he focused on singing.

“ Singing is my passion and it will be in days to come.” he noted.
“ Daikha na tha kabhi hum naey yeah sama” sung for Bobby and Julie shot him to fame, Alamgir maintained