Mushaira held at IIU to mark Independence Day

ISLAMABAD, Jul 31 (APP): The Department of Urdu of International Islamic University (IIU) organized a Mushaira at the female campus in connection with the Independence Day celebration.

The event was attended by renowned female poets of the country. Ms. Ayesha Masood Malik presided over the Mushaira while Ms. Parveen Tahir was the chief guest. Ms. Abida Taqi was the moderator.

All the poetesses presented their latest work in accordance with Independence Day and the current situation of the country. Through their poetry, they paid tribute to the sacrifices of the nation’s ancestors and urged the present generation to follow in their (ancestors) footsteps. They also recited their famous poetry on the insistence of the audience.

On the request of President Mushaira, Dean of Language and Literature Prof. Dr Najiba Arif also presented one of her poems.

Earlier, Head of Urdu Department (Female) Dr Saira Batool on behalf of the university welcomed the participants and the guests of the mushaira, and emphasized the importance of Independence Day, calling it a sign of living nations.

In the end, Prof. Dr Najiba Arif appreciated the words of all the poetesses and thanked them for their participation. She also appreciated the department, especially the organizers for successfully organizing the event.

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