Murtaza Wahab directs secretary to ensure implementation of ‘Student Unions Act’

KARACHI, May 26 (APP): Sindh Minister for Universities and Boards Ismail Rahu, Chief Secretary Sindh Muhammad Sohail Rajput and Administrator Karachi Barrister Murtaza Wahab on Thursday discussed the implementation of Sindh Students Union Act in the province and various aspects related to it.

Speaking on the occasion, the Administrator Karachi said the steps have to be taken to ensure revival of student unions so that they could put up their demands before the Universities’ administration in case of any grievances they face.

Crediting the role of student unions, the administrator held that in the past leaders of national level emerged through it as they were instrumental in providing political training to the students and gave them a chance to raise their voice in exercising their democratic rights.

He said these unions also produced excellent debaters and speakers, who later went on to join national politics.

Moreover, Murtaza Wahab directed chief secretary to remove obstacles, if any, in the implementation of Sindh Student Unions Act.

Whereas, Ismail Rahu said that steps were being taken to revive the student unions in line with the vision of Pakistan Peoples Party.