Minister for enhanced support for persons with special needs

Punjab govt taking all possible steps to provide basic facilities to public in Ramadan; Dr. Jamal Nasir
LAHORE, Dec 03 (APP):Punjab Minister for Primary and Secondary Healthcare Dr. Jamal Nasir highlighted the gradual improvement in societal attitudes towards individuals with special needs.
However, he emphasized the ongoing necessity for enhanced education and skills training to fully harness their potential. Speaking at an event for International Day of Persons with Disabilities on Sunday, Dr. Nasir commended government efforts but stressed the importance of making special persons more active in society, advocating for increased resource allocation for their rehabilitation. He pledged to convey recommendations from special organizations to Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi, ensuring the caretaker government takes appropriate steps. Dr. Nasir also mentioned the ‘Enable’ mobile app developed by the Punjab government to address the challenges faced by special individuals and mentioned a review of job quotas and salaries for them.
The event concluded with the distribution of 10 wheelchairs, 200 white canes, 40 hearing aids, and 200 talking watches among special individuals.
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