Maryam urges KP people to give chance to PMLN in general elections

SWABI, May 11 (APP):: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz Vice President Maryam Nawaz Wednesday urged the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to exercise the right to vote very carefully and wisely in the next general elections as the province also deserved development and prosperity like Punjab.

Addressing a huge public gathering here, she recalled that the Nawaz Sharif’s government had brought terrorism to an end, constructed motorways, and initiated multi-billion CPEC project and several other steps for the development of the country and after coming into power again, he would surely make Pakistan developed within three to four years.

Maryam said she would ask the PML-N leadership not to rectify what Imran-led government had done with the national economy, rather let him (Imran Khan) face the public so that he could be held accountable for his wrong policies.

She slammed PTI leader Imran Khan for targeting the national institutions. He was doing so along with taking refuge behind a fake letter as he had done nothing during three and a half years in power, she added.

“I appreciate the people of Swabi for fighting against corruption of the PTI and giving mandate to the PML-N candidate,” she said, adding the PTI government had made life miserable for the poor people due to its wrong decisions and policies.

She hoped that the people of KP would reject the PTI leadership in next general elections on the basis of poor performance and for doing nothing considerable while remaining in power.

Imran Khan, she said, was neither ousted by Nawaz Sharif nor by any foreign element rather his own parliamentarians rejected him and expelled him from the Prime Minister House and today his party leaders were contacting the PML-N for award of party tickets.

Maryam alleged that Imran Khan plundered the national kitty by travelling through helicopters and by pocketing foreign gifts while selling those at throwaway prices.