Major Crackdown against Wheat, Sugar Smuggling in Rawalpindi

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RAWALPINDI, Sep 18 (APP):The Food Department and district police Rawalpindi Division on Monday thwarted 796 attempts to smuggle wheat from Punjab to KPK, confiscating a staggering 16,981 metric tons (MT) of wheat in the process.
Briefing the media at the interprovincial food check post on Hattar Road, district food controller (DFC), Muhammad Ramzan Siyal said that the ongoing anti-smuggling operation against the wheat and sugar mafias, alongside hoarders and smugglers was aided by law enforcement agencies.
He reported that Rawalpindi Police intercepted 147 vehicles transporting 3,304.150 MT of wheat, along with 191 vehicles carrying 4,176.400 MT of flour.
Legal actions, in the form of 191 first investigation reports (FIRs), were initiated, he added.
Meanwhile, Attock District’s efforts led to the seizure of 218 vehicles carrying 4,439.550 MT of wheat and 56 vehicles carrying 1,177.700 MT of flour, resulting in 56 FIRs.
In Jhelum District, officials confiscated 94 vehicles carrying 2,273.650 MT of wheat and 23 vehicles carrying 412.600 MT of flour, accompanied by 23 FIRs, he added.
He further said that Chakwal District made significant strides by intercepting 266 vehicles with 5,603.855 MT of wheat and 22 vehicles carrying 494.450 MT of flour, leading to 22 FIRs.
Talagang District also contributed by seizing 71 vehicles loaded with 1,360.370 MT of wheat and 23 vehicles carrying 412.600 MT of flour, resulting in 23 FIRs.
Additionally, a tip-off led the Food Department, in collaboration with the police and other law enforcement agencies, to thwart three separate attempts to smuggle sugar from Punjab to KPK, confiscating a substantial 180,000 kilograms of sugar.
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